Textile Art Forum Switzerland

TAFch (Textile Art Forum Switzerland) is a group of fiber art and textile artists whose aim is to bring their work to a larger audience (initially only in Switzerland) and for it to be accepted as a regular art form.


  • Textiles in art should become more widely known by means of exhibitions and features in the media;
  • The juried exhibition «Teximus» was established in 2014 and takes place every three years „TEXIMUS 3“, is scheduled for 2020;
  • We will also promote our work by linking up all possible textile art forms;
  • We aim to foster a team spirit by (for example) organizing joint exhibitions, excursions, visits to museums and galleries. Our next joint exhibition is scheduled for May 2019.
  • Our targets are supported by our blog;
  • We have established a «Textile Map» on our website. Artists whose main focus lies in textiles and/or textile techniques can enter their names on the list. Museums, galleries and shops are also listed. The map can be accessed via the website.


Would you like to join our group? We would be delighted to hear from all textile art sectors, artists that use to go into textile materials and technics. More information is available on our blog (in German).

art Works of our members

Ursula Suter

Licht und Schatten 2009
Ursula Suter

Bea Bernasconi

Detail aus Akina Mame 2016
Bea Bernasconi

Christine Läubli

farben des waldes, 2017
Christine Läubli

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