Registration for Teximus 3  

Here we are! The online portal for registration for “Teximus 3” is now open. Please read carefully the conditions for participation and have a look at the checklist in order to be ready with al data you will need for the registration. We are looking forward to many registrations and wish you all good luck.



Instructions for Teximus 3

In only one month, on august 19th, 2019,  the online registration for Teximus 3 will open.

We wish to recall the conditions for the participation which you may find here.

For instructions about how to submit your work click here.

We are looking forward to many submissions of an interesting body of artwork.

Teximus 3 Jury

We are happy to present te Jury for Teximus 3

  • Selina Baumann, Master of Fine Arts, speciality sculpture.


  • Giselle Eberhard Cotton, director foundation Toms Pauli in Lausanne 


  • Andreas Hofer, artist and professor  Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) and Architecture course Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW).


  • Christine Läubli, textile designer (federal certificate), installations and objects,


  • Sigrid Wick, intermediary for art and design in adult formation, speciality textil.


Teximus 3 prospectus

Third juried Teximus exhibition

After the „Teximus“ exhibitions in 2014 and 2017 TAFch (Textile Art Forum Switzerland) decided to launch the third juried exhibition „Teximus 3“. It will take place from March 26 - 29, 2020 in the Altstadthalle at Zug, Switzerland. In this exhibition again we want to show the entire spectrum that textile/fiber art offers and crosslink the individual sections with each other. Therefore we encourage quilters, weavers, lacemakers, braiders, knitters etc. to submit their artwork. We also address visual artists who work with textiles in any way or work including textile techniques.

Eligibility and Guidelines:

Entrants should be residents of Switzerland


Theme is free


  • There are no restrictions regarding materials and techniques, as long as they can in some way be associated with textiles. The works are meant to be hung at the wall however. Clothes will not be accepted unless they can be considered textile art objects with no practical use
  • Works must be made within the last three years
  • Flexible works that can be folded or rolled may not exceed 180 cm in height and 200 in width and 20 cm in depth
  • Minimum size is 50 x 50 cm
  • Multipart works that are considered one work should not exceed the above mentioned maximum size nor fall below the minimum size
  • Framed or mounted works may not exceed the dimensions 60 x 60 x 20 cm
  • Exceptions of the above mentioned set of regulations will only be accepted when they are delivered and picked up by the artist personally at the exhibition venue
  • The weight of artworks may not exceed 15 kg
  • Accepted entries must have a hanging device that can easily be mounted
  • Only original artwork conceived and created by the entrants will be considered: no patterns, no kits, no interpretations or copies of other artists‘ works, or works that are the result of a class. The work should reflect one’s own voice
  • Artists may enter up to 2 works
  • In case of selling a work at the exhibition and three months after the exhibition TAFch charges a 25% commission of the stated price
  • Insurance is down to the artist. TAFch does not bear responsibility for any damage which can result from storage, exhibition or transport

Entrant fee

  • Entrant fee is CHF 50, independent from the number of submitted works. This fee is not refundable should the work(s) not be accepted by the jury.
  • If works are accepted a further fee of CHF 60 per work is due and payable till 24.11.2019 latest. If this fee ist not payed by then the work(s) will be excluded from the exhibition
  • Included in this fee is a copy of the catalogue and as many invitation cards the artist wishes plus the invitation card in digital form
  • Payment to:

Ursula Suter, Chleematte 13, 5243 Mülligen

Raiffeisenbank Lägern-Baregg, 5430 Wettingen

BIC/Swift: RAIFCH22740, CH08 80 8074 0000 0006 4695 5

Account: 50-2574-8


The entry will be exclusively online on a special online portal. Entries that are sent to TAFch directly will not be considered. On our website you will find the link to the portal.

There you will be asked for

  • Your personal data: name, address, tel.nr., e-mail-address
  • Information on your works: title, size, year, material, techniques, sales prize
  • Artist statement (max. 50 words). This text will be published in the catalogue.


The quality of the submitted photos is crucial for the work selection process. Poor quality reduces the chance of being accepted considerably.  The background should be neutral so that the jury can identify the background from the work.

  • From each work we need a full shot plus a detail
  • Each work has to be labelled as follows: name_title of work_full.jpg, (e.g. miller_mywork_full) and name_title of work_detail.jpg (e.g. miller_mywork_detail
  • Size of photos: 300 dpi, JPG-format
  • Should the quality of the photo not meet the requirements of the catalogue you will be asked to send another one

Should the works differ in any aspect from the photos that were submitted the work will be excluded from the exhibition and returned to the artist. 


The artist is responsible for the shipping or bringing the works to TAFch. The artist is responsible for all costs realating to shipping to TAFch. A return label with the artist’s full address has to be enclosed in the parcel.  

TAFch accepts the transport costs to the exhibition. After the exhibition TAFch will ship the works to the artists or the latter may pick up their works later at the address of a TAF-member. The artists may also take their works home immediately after the exhibition. 


The jury members will be published on www.tafch.ch as soon as they are certain.

Exhibition and Catalogue

"Teximus 3" will be exhibited in the Altstadthalle in Zug. The setup of the exhibition will be down to TAFch.  

A 4/4-coloured catalogue is planned.


Online entry opens

19.08.2019 The link to the online-portal will be published on our website www.tafch.ch

Online entry deadline


Notification of acceptance


Payment of CHF 60.- per  accepted work

24.11.2019 latest

Sign and return contract                   

24.11.2019 latest

Submission of work by mail or personal delivery of selected works

Between 11. and 18.03.2020 to the address specified in the letter of acceptance. The works must be delivered with the hanging device)

Delivery Altstadthalle at Zug

25.03.2020 at 12:00


25-29.03 2020 in the Altstadthalle in Zug


More information’s about the exhibition will be published on our website, www.tafch.ch or the blog, tafch.blogspot.com, at the appropriate time.


Teximus 2

CatherineLabhart Kalenderblatt 4  Gabriela Giger Fragmente der Judend  Gerda Ritzmann Bestickt Detail  Maja Andrey Blickfaenger Ahorn Detail

The response to our publicity for « Teximus 2 » was just as high as for « Teximus 1 ».  

We were astounded to see so many new artists’ names with so many compelling works.  It was not easy for the independent judges to make their decisions. In the end, 42 works from 31 artists were exhibited in Zug, with an impressive range of expression.

All the works of the artists, as well as some of individual judges and of the organizers collected in the catalogue «Teximus 2». 


Download invitation card (in German)

 teximus2 plakatPlakat Teximus 2

Press Report: For the second time, the Altstadthalle in Zug was the setting for the juried exhibition TEXIMUS. The exhibition was organized by the TAFch group who have set themselves the goal of bringing textiles and fiber in art to a wider audience, and to establish and promote networks for focused cooperation. The exhibition has enabled the organizers to make great strides towards their goal. 

There were 42 works by 31 artists to  see and explore. The show lasted 3½ days and attracted over a thousand visitors who came to admire the artwork and to get to know the artists.

It was not only this number that was impressive but also the fact that so many men, as well as young visitors and also people from Zoug found their way to the exhibition.

Beatrice Lanter received the public’s choice award in the amount of CHF 500 for her work „hinten III - bunt“ („Reverse III – Colourful“),

Gewinner Publikumspreis Lanter hinten III bunt   Gewinner Publikumspreis Lanter hinten III bunt Détail

closely followed by Beatrice Streuli with her work „Samen - durchbrochen“ („Seed – Perforated“)

2.Platz Publikumspreis Streuli samen    2.Platz Publikumspreis Streuli samen Détail

and Beatrice Bernasconi with her work „Forgotten Stories“.

2.Platz Publikumspreis bernasconi forgotten    2.Platz Publikumspreis bernasconi forgotten Detail

The judges’ prize in the amount of CHF 500 was awarded to the artist Barbara Thüler Hollenstein for her work „unverbindlich verbunden“ („Unbindingly bound“).

Jurypreis Thüler Hollenstein unverbindlich berbunden    Jurypreis Thüler Hollenstein unverbindlich berbunden Detail

She interprets in an innovative way the connections of an imaginary surface and succeeds in transforming everyday material into a new context. 

Barbara’s work can be remodeled according to the venue in which she is exhibiting. Thus, it is a highly contemporary piece of art offering an analogy for today’s unsettled and often fast way of life; perhaps even with a clever hint of the disconnect between the single individual and the wide-ranging span of society.

In this exhibition were works whose form and content prompted larger and more intensive debate than in the first TEXIMUS three years ago.

Themes were reminiscences, personal journeys, defiance and the precious qualities of life. Borders between classical paintings and textile art were skillfully crossed. Pure textiles were expressively applied. The visitors themselves commented favorably on the sensitive and appropriate way in which the art was displayed.

The organizers are happy with this show in every aspect. Especially worth mentioning is the fact that a fifth of the works were sold! That is not usually the case with such exhibitions.

The team is now accelerating towards TEXIMUS 3 in three years’ time.

There is more in our Blog (in German).

Did you miss the exhibition? You can order the Catalog from us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and enjoy the works of art in this way. 

Price: 18CHF plus shiping / economy package : Catalog TEXIMUS1 and TEXIMUS2 for 25CHF


Exhibition, March 27th - 30th, 2014 in the Altstadthalle in Zug. The works will be judged. The exhibition catalogue can be ordered via our blog.
Blog in German

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